Stanton Point Homeowners Association
Ingleside, Illinois
News and General Information

Welcome Winter!  UGH!

Well, let's make the best of it!  It is still beautiful and offers us just a colder view of the miracles of nature! 

Please remember to take care of each other this winter!  Snow shoveling is not a senior sport!  Keep an eye out for friends that forget this and give a helping hand.

Also to Snow Mobile Junkies....  Snow Mobiles, Liquor, and Open water do not mix well!  Be smart...Stay Dry and Be Safe!

Please remember our Christmas Party  on December 9th!  Flyers will go out to remind you of time and place!  It's a great opportunity to meet your friends and neighbors!

Speed Limit in Subdivision
For the safety of our community the speed limit on all streets is 20 miles per hour.


Waste Pick-up

General waste and recycling is collected on Mondays.  Be kind to your waste hauler and insure that trash is stacked neatly at the end of your driveway.  Containers must be less than 40 lbs.  Recycling bins can be purchased for $5 through your councilperson. 

Leaf Burning

Leaf burning is permitted, but we ask that you check for guidelines through the Lake County Web site or by asking your Councilperson.  Be respectful to your neighbors when burning by noting the wind directions and by closely monitoring the fire.

Subdivision Parking

Generally there is no street parking in our subdivision due to the narrow roadways.  If you are having a special event, call the Lake County Sheriffs office to notify them of the temporary street parking a nd instruct guests to pull fully to either the west or North side of the street.  Respect your neighbors and do not park on easements or another's property.  Parking tickets are issued by Lake County Sheriffs Police.
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